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About JCI Aleppo

The official launching of JCI Aleppo was on the 20th of January 2006 under the patronage of the Minister of Economy and the presence of Aleppo Mayor, the ICC Syria president and a group of commercial and diplomatic guests.

JCI Aleppo started with 50 potential members who believed in JCI vision, creating the positive change in their society.  The journey started and great efforts were made in supporting JCI Aleppo and many successful projects in the business, community, individual and international areas were and still being conducted.

JCI Aleppo soon became a target for many young leaders and entrepreneurs who wanted to add a positive print to their society. For these and many other reasons JCI Aleppo becomes a member in the steering committee of CDS (City development Strategy) representing Aleppo NGOs.


JCI Aleppo Constitution